Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's a....

We've learned what we are suppose to be having come around August the 24th. We are happily awaiting the arrival of a baby girl. It will be fun to have one of each!


Joshua learned this year that Easter eggs have chocolate in them. There couldn't be anything better in the world to that child than chocolate. The apple didn't fall far from the tree with the chocolate addiction.

Barber Shop of horror

Does my child have an older sibling to blame this on? No. Did he magically get a hold of a pair of scissors? No. Was there any way that I could have possibly been able to point my fingers at someone else or something else? No. I was simply impatient. His hair was getting so long I could not stand it any longer and decided that I indeed could cut this child's hair. I mean how hard could it really be? I watched my sisters-in -law give me a demonstration and figured indeed I could do it. So off I went with the little buzzer thing and buzz buzz buzz. I took one look and started peeling over with laughter at what I had done!! I guess there was no beginner's luck for me that day. I put that buzzer thing away called up my sister-in-law Sara and went in for an emergency fix. Let's just say I haven't had to see his hair that long for MONTHS. It has been kept short to help even out the damage. You gotta start somewhere and at least he doesn't care and there is no one that can hurt his feelings about his hair, so I figure all is well, until the next time I take to cutting hair!!

The zoo

Elsa and I and our kids went to the zoo the other day and we had a great day. Joshua had gone to the zoo when he was a few months old and so it was fun to go when he was older. He was happy to be outside and run around. The funny part was when he got really super duper excited to see.....a puddle!! Yep, my child is easily amused, give the kid a puddle and you have made his day. The animals were okay, but nothing compared to having a puddle to play in.
We thought it would be fun to see how it would look for Joshua and Alexis to have a little house together with a happy little visitor. I can just see the future.

Writing on the wall

I have heard stories where almost every child decides to use their creativity and create artwork where one perhaps doesn't want it. I had tried to monitor the crayons to avoid that kind of a situation, but alas a mom can only have so many eyes to help her in the task of doing everything. I was getting ready for the day and Joshua was happily playing until I turned around and found this!! I quickly got my camera took a picture and then proceeded to do the motherly thing and tell Joshua that it was a big no no. To tell the truth, how lucky am I that he only wrote on the mirror? I'm hoping that this is all the creativity that I ever see on the walls of my home. A mother can always hope.