Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes you win sometimes you lose

Joshua has had a cold and with it a very runny yucky snotty nose. He can start to grasp on to the idea of blowing his nose which has been wonderful. Then one day I was doing laundry on the bed when Joshua thought he would use his wonderful new skill on all of my clean clothes. The first time was funny, by the fifth time I had to move the basket; no one wants to wear snotty clothes and I don't want to do more laundry!!


I put Joshua in the Chair and left him to play. A little while later I heard him talking. So I went in to sneak a peak and there he was reading himself a story. It was hard trying to get him to do it once he was found out, but here is a little snipit.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Does....

What does feeling really tired and wanting almost a daily nap, and not being able to keep down ones lunch and dinner on a daily basis add up to?????
Answer: I'M PREGNANT!!! yep we are crazy parents that are on to number 2. This little bun bun cake should be ready by August 24th!! We are pretty excited. I am however ready to be done with the first trimester!!! Also I have a new calling in my ward. Just as my child is about to turn 18mnths and I can have a break and put him in nursery, somebody had a funny thought and decided that I should go too!!! So I get to be the Nursery leader. I am curious to how it will all turn out. At least I have being pregnant on my side if it gets to be too much!!!

Let it snow

One of the reasons that I love Western Washington is because of the mild summer and mild winters!!! Snow happens about once a year and it usually melts the next day or by the afternoon. Thanks to all of those global warming fanatics we had snow for about a week and it was past 8inches!! I know to some people it's not that big of a deal, but I prefer to drive to the snow instead of having it all over the icy hilly roads. My poor husband attempted to go to work one day in his vanpool and it took him 3 HOURS to get there!! Seattle does not fair well in this kind of weather!! It was however fun to go to the park and go sledding with Joshua who wasn't so sure about the whole thing. Would you believe that it actually snowed on Christmas day. It was nice to have a white Christmas.


Like most one year olds they start to want to be big and do things on their own. I usually give Joshua a decoy spoon while I feed him. He does not like that I have a spoon and sometimes puts up a fuss to have both of the feeding utensils. One day I wanted to clean the kitchen and thought that I should give him a chance to feed himself. The results are shown above!! Luckily a few months later he can now almost successfully feed himself oatmeal with out a mess. I can't wait til he can do it all his own as long as it doesn't get too messy!

The Big Bad Wolf and his blankie

Joshua was the big bad wolf for Halloween this year. He was really cute for the short time that he kept his hat on. We went to the ward trunk or treat and had fun and went home expecting to have lots of trick or treaters. Total for that night was a big whopping ONE!!! At least we bought good candy to eat.

Girls night at Forks

For a few years we have been having girls night once a month where we get together and do things together for that night. We each take a turn and we have had some wonderful times together. This is our first little excursion where we went away for the night. Since we had all read the twilight series we thought that it would be perfect to go to Forks and check out the vampire territory. Luckily no one got bitten. We started our trip with a ferry ride from Seattle.
We then drove up to Port Angelas where we were daring to take a little hike in the woods to this little waterfall.

We spent the day shopping in Port Angelas and checking out the sites where Bella had been to. We went to the book store and the clothing store where she shopped and finished the night with a dinner where Bella and Edward ate. We even bought the mushroom dish that she had. The waiter told us that it was never on their menu until the book came out.
We made sure that our accommodations were vampire free. You never know what could happen while you are in Forks.
We then went to the local hospital where they put up a parking space for Dr. Cullen.
This is the swans house where Bella lives.
Here is the Cullen's home. Apparently they leave a message on the board every day for visitors.
We checked out this classic that Bella drove. Actually if I remember right the seats were missing!!
We took a detour from our twilight tour and went to check out the Olympic rain forest since we were so close. It was neat to see all of the moss covered trees.

We ended our trip by going to the first beach on the Quinault reservation where Bella and Jacob talk about his ancestors legends. We had a blast and are excited for our next great adventure!! Sara suggested that we should read a book based in Hawaii next time!

Pumpkin patch and hay ride

We took Joshua to a local pumpkin patch for October. He loved looking at all the pumpkins and anything else that was in his reach. We had fun but by the end we had a very muddy dirty little boy.

Our first home improvement

extra wall space not enough cupboards equals a built in pantry!! We had bishop Grover from our old ward who does cabinetry build us a new pantry that matches the existing cupboards in our kitchen. It looks great and is wonderful to have!!! I have so much more storage I don't know why we didn't do it sooner!!!

Chehalis camping trip

My parents, Ben, Joshua, and I all went camping in September in Chehalis. We had such a fun time!! We went on a small scenic train ride, followed by a hike to some caves that were used by local natives from way back that was fun to look at. Then found a garden that was beautiful to walk through. We had a great time together.

Like father like son

Joshua has a huge love for the computer. I wonder where he gets it from?? I found some baby games online that all he has to do is press some keys and cartoon characters move. He thinks that is the best and constantly wants me off of my computer and him on!! You gotta love examples.


Here we are at a park close to our house enjoying some nice sun and the end of the summer days!!
I've been receiving hints from everyone that there has been a lack of pictures on my blog for ohhh about six months or so. I keep meaning to post and forgot how quickly six months can go by. So here is a catch up of what has been going on for the last little while. Hopefully I can get up to date!!!!