Friday, October 15, 2010

Thomassen Farm

This was such a fantastic day for the kids!! They had so much fun and there were so many things to do! Kayelin is standing in the corn box where they had a slide and she thought the kernels tasted yummy. We went on October 8th

The kids thought that the pumpkins were fun to look at.
So many great places to take pics if you have willing subjects.
Kayelin finding a pumpkin
Joshua is holding his "very own special pumpkin, I love you so much Pumpkin." I swear it was love at first sight, he even likes to have it close by him when he is sleeping.
Playing on the hay
taking a tractor ride with Wyatt.
Having fun at the water pump. They had little ducks that you could race, so very cute!
bubble play

One of the big hits for the boys was the sand box with big tractors. This will definitely become a tradition for the kiddos. I love October!!

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Bruce and Melinda said...

Your kids are so big!! and so darling! I'm glad to know you've been updating your blog- it's great to see all your pictures!
So, sorry we were playing endless phone-tag! It should end one day so we can really catch up! puse!